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Association Management

Executive Oversight

Strategic Partnership and Expertise:

The Executive Director plays a mission-critical role within an association, but not every organization has the means or need to employ someone fulltime for this position. Using Milliron Goodman’s Association Management Services, you gain all the value, expertise, and oversight of a professional executive director, for a fraction of the cost.  Just like a traditional executive director, we work directly with an association’s board to ensure operations are efficient, cost-effective and compliant with state and federal regulations. We also make recommendations to achieve organizational goals and uncover unique opportunities for growth. Your board retains the leadership and influence to create the vision while MG turns their vision into reality.


Event Management

Connect, Network, and Learn:

Bring your meetings to life with MG’s event management services. Professional conferences are essential to associations to connect, learn, and drive revenue. Our experienced professionals will guide your planning committee to newly establish or improve upon your existing attendee experience. By utilizing the best practices learned from certified meeting planners, your event/meeting will come together seamlessly, on time and on-budget. All details of your meeting will be covered including venue selection, catering, logistics, speaker coordination, sponsorship and exhibitor management, registration management, marketing, and virtual event planning.



Engage and Uplift:

MG is dedicated to your members and meeting their needs. By providing the desired member experience and exceptional customer service, MG will not only grow your membership, but also increase retention and engagement. Clear and consistent communication is crucial for a healthy membership. MG works with committees and association leaders to develop innovative and inspiring membership campaigns that elevate your organization’s exposure. Our professionals will maintain accurate member data through proven database management practices, process member applications, and handle all aspects of dues processes. 


Marketing and Communications

Advocate and Influence:

Our in-house and closely vetted marketing and communications partners ensure your members are up to date with the latest news and events. MG’s existing PR channels are tried and true for optimal publicity. We coordinate and manage the delivery of your association’s content and member benefits through newsletters, blogs, articles, and resources. MG believes in making your association’s marketing innovative, experience-based, and unforgettable. Through social media, email, website, and multi-media channels, MG takes a holistic yet streamlined approach to communications. Whether MG is marketing an upcoming event, advocating for grass roots initiatives, or engaging membership, we have the tools, talent, and know-how to take your professional communications to the next level.


Accounting and Financial Management

Stabilize, Strengthen, and Grow:

Reliable, accurate, and organized fiscal management makes your association’s treasurer and finance committee duties simple and manageable. MG’s sound internal processes ensure all accounts receivable and payable are tracked, monitored, and reported with attention to detail. MG will prepare, maintain, and analyze your budget to grow the association’s fiscal strength.


Administrative Services

Support For Leaders:

MG is equipped to manage all of the day-to-day administrative support services that keep your association running smoothly. We serve as the “front office” to greet members, assist with outreach, provide answers, and find solutions. Your Board and committees will be kept organized and on track through our comprehensive supportive services that truly cover it all. Everything from board and committee meeting coordination, agenda creation, minutes, and supporting document coordination is in good hands with MG, leaving your volunteers feeling informed, prepared, and productive.

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