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The Pennsylvania Academy of Ophthalmology

The Pennsylvania Academy of Ophthalmology (PAO) is the professional association responsible for representing Pennsylvania’s eye physicians and surgeons. The PAO’s purpose is to promote safe quality eye care and the profession of Ophthalmology in Pennsylvania. The PAO represents approximately seven hundred Ophthalmologists from across the Commonwealth.

Legislative Goals

For the past 15 years, the PAO has been embroiled in a heated legislative scope of practice battle. During this decade and a half, the PAO and Milliron Goodman have been able to repel multiple attempts by non-physicians to expand their scope to levels that would allow these non-physicians to perform surgery, give injections to the eye and treat systemic diseases such as heart disease.

In 2019, Milliron Goodman and the PAO saw an opportunity to pass legislation that would end this 15-year scope battle and guarantee that Pennsylvania patients have access to the safest and highest quality eye care possible. After a year of tense negotiations led by Milliron Goodman, a successful deal was reached that prioritized patient safety. Milliron Goodman and the PAO were successful in negotiating a compromise that ensured non-physicians were prohibited from performing surgery of any kind, draining superficial cysts around the eye, and treating systemic diseases.

Outcome & Successes

Milliron Goodman was able to help the PAO protect Pennsylvania patients and negotiate a piece of legislation that ended a decade-and-a-half scope of practice battle.

The Client Experience

The Milliron Goodman team has been invaluable to our organization, delivering consistent results that PAO could not achieve alone. From scope of practice issues to crafting a law regarding prescription eye drops, Milliron Goodman ensures that the PAO has a voice in the Capitol advocating on behalf of our patients and profession. In addition to advocacy, their staff provides a wealth of information for the PAO and its members, from intelligence reports to procuring guidance from agencies. Milliron Goodman’s countless relationships, paired with their constant attention, is a recipe for success and has repeatedly earned the trust of PAO to help meet our mission on behalf of our patients and profession.
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