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Government Relations

The bipartisan duo of Milliron & Goodman has the experience, integrity and determination it takes to successfully advocate for our clients and favorably impact legislation and regulations.

New legislation can be critically important to your business, industry or organization. M&G provides assistance wherever necessary to advance your position while advocating on your behalf in a clear, concise way in order to achieve your goals. Our first job is to learn every facet of an issue, then develop a strategy for getting the desired results.

We accomplish this through:

EDUCATION – we have the access and credibility to provide essential information and perspectives on every aspect of your issue to members of the General Assembly, the Administration, and related boards, bureaus and commissions.

TRACKING LEGISLATION – our team will read, analyze and track every new bill and proposed rule that could positively or negatively affect you, keeping you advised and updated on the latest information and reports.

ADVOCACY – we have the ability to reach key legislators and decision makers in Harrisburg to support or oppose legislation and regulations that could impact your industry, profession or interests.

COORDINATED EFFORTS – to gain maximum effectiveness, we can coordinate and direct efforts in Harrisburg and in local districts that build constituent and public support for your position on issues.