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717-232-5322 • 200 North Third Street, Suite 1500 • Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17101
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Stephanie Shirley

0061Stephanie was first recruited to the Harrisburg area to serve as Coalitions Coordinator for a statewide gubernatorial campaign. She was responsible for organizing communication efforts and grassroots initiatives for a wide variety of interest groups including sportsmen, farmers, teachers, medical professionals and veterans. She continued her career within the Governor’s administration, working in the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Office of Legislative Affairs.

While Stephanie loved her political work, she desired more opportunities to use her expertise in Public Relations and her passion for creative communications to impact a broader audience. She moved into the private sector in 2011 and has since impacted hundreds of clients across the United States, assisting them in strategic communications, media relations and event planning.

Stephanie works closely with each client to help identify their most important communication goals, develop a strategic plan for reaching these goals and assist in implementation. Most importantly, Stephanie is committed to providing professional, creative and common-sense solutions and regards an organization’s reputation as one of its most critical points of differentiation.

A graduate of Penn State University, Stephanie holds degrees in Public Relations/Advertising and Communications, Arts and Science. During her time at University Park, she worked in the Government Relations office, gaining first-hand experience under the Director of Federal Relations. Stephanie continues to expand her knowledge and keep a pulse on emerging trends through her involvement with the Pennsylvania Public Relations Society (PPRS). Her passion for creative communications is reflected in how she spends her free time blogging about everything from politics and PR to entrepreneurship and life-balance. She resides in Mechanicsburg, PA with her husband and two sons.